We love Graphi

It's always exciting when the UPS guy shows up at the doorstep with a shipment from GraphiStudio. Today he showed up with four albums. It was like Christmas!

We're really excited to have been offering Graphi coffee table books for the past two years. Our clients love them and Joy and I feel strongly that they do a great job of representing our quality and brand.

Our good friend, Frank DiMeo, is here, (we are in FL now) and he just attended PhotoPlus Expo in NYC. He said he was visiting the Graphi booth and saw that they were using one of our sample albums at the show! What an honor.

In January, Graphi will be sponsoring our elevate seminar in Orlando. We're pleased to partner with such an outstanding company to deliver such a phenomenal product.

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Anonymous said...

the all black leather cover with a photo and no text is my fav as well :) good choice!