Christmas along the Promenade

Last night was Southern's annual Christmas along the Promenade. It's been a while since we've attended this extravaganza, but since Graycen is old enough to appreciate it, we figured it would be a nice break from our normal evening routine of...work. :-)

We were able to grab a quick shot of Graycen "petting" the deer just a couple seconds before she tried to push it over!

We ran into Stacy and Chris, for the first time since their wedding. We photographed their wedding two years ago, and it was great to catch up with them. Stacy is six months pregnant, with a little boy! Congratulations guys!

We also ran into this guy. He was doing a great job serving hot chocolate, so I took his picture. "Hey, aren't you Garrett?" he said. I didn't know whether to say yes, or to lie. Before I could answer he reminded me that he was a groomsman at Sandra and John's wedding last June in Florida. How cool!

Don't we look tired...LOL!

Time for a snack break with mommy and aunt Heather.


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