So we're all fattend up and lovin' life. We missed Tabor and Heather, who were out of town for a wedding (wonder what that's like...LOL). Thanksgiving this year was hosted by my aunt and uncle, Eileen and Randy, and their children Veronica and Ben. I think there were about 24 of us there, but we could've handled more. It appeared as though there was enough food for 50, at least!

Graycen...ready to go, sporting her Blue Button Boutique coat!

Graycen and cousin Cole, waiting patiently for dinner.


I've never seen someone like bread as much as this girl. Here she's on her fourth dinner roll. She had already had 3 pieces of bread earlier in the day. I guess she's on the anti-Atkins diet. Maybe when she grows up she'll own a Panera Bread...that wouldn't be a bad deal!

Here's the entire troop, sans two who realized what was about to happen and escaped before we could catch them. We do have much to be thankful for!

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