Fun with Friends

(Normally, this would be in our Family Blog, The Sand Trap...but its been much easier to maintain one blog now :)
We love our job, and quite honestly, there's nothing in the world we'd rather do. But, with that said, it sure is nice to have an occasional weekend off. This weekend we enjoyed spending time with our dear friends, the Wrights. Garrett and Nolan have been friends since high school and we've all been through major milestones in our lives. After church we had lunch at my parents home in Cleveland (Tennessee not Ohio). Tabor and Heather were also there, but had to leave early...we'll get a picture together soon! It was a beautiful crisp autumn afternoon and after lunch we took the kids outside to wear them out. But they wore us out.

The whole team.

Graycen with Grandma and Grandpa.

Doesn't this look like an LL Bean ad?

What a beautiful fall afternoon.

Benjamin was working hard pushing Sydney and Graycen. He kept saying, "I can't, it's too heavy!"

Graycen in the swing.

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