Brandy and Sticky's e-session

On Friday we had the opportunity to work with Brandy and Sticky, two of our clients that we hadn't had the pleasure of meeting yet. They're from Ohio and they made the trip to Chattanooga so we could shoot their e-session. They're getting married in Savannah, GA, in February, and we couldn't be more excited about it.

It's flattering when clients are willing to travel for their e-session, and of course there's a little more pressure, too. :-)

We had so much fun working with them, as they're fellow wedding and portrait photographers. Their business (Brandy J. Adams Photography) in Ohio is going great, and we couldn't be happier for them. They're also members of OSP, and that's how we "met."

We had a great time shooting, and after we were done we headed to lunch so we could hung out for a bit. Joy and I had so much fun and we're really looking forward to their big day in a few months.


sticky said...

Holy smokes, is that really my grandslam woman and me? I know Brandy has already told you, but I love the pics. Thanks for showing us a great time. It was a pleasure meeting the two of you. You do outstanding work.

Chris Uglanica said...

Hey Garrett,

These are amazing e-session shots, and I can totally see why your couples gravitate to you and Joy.

Keep up the good work.