It's official: House for Sale

Yesterday we made it official by putting the "For Sale" sign in the yard. It's hard to believe it's been more than two years since Joy and I first walked through the front door of this house and simultaneously thought, "this is the one!"

It's a great home with lots of character. Located in desirable College Park (Orlando) with convenient access to I-4, Edgewater, Winter Park and downtown Orlando. If you know of anyone moving to Florida or perhaps just moving across town, please feel free to have them contact us.

One of our favorite features of the house is the library that we installed with the assistance of our friends and wedding clients David and Elizabeth Wright. The library has one of those cool sliding ladders so Joy and Graycen can reach the top. It's too much work to move so we're gonna have to leave it with the house and install another one in our next home.

We also really enjoy the back deck. We put in a stone pathway that leads from the deck through the back yard and in between the orange and grapefruit trees. It makes a big circle at the end near the lemon tree. It was one of those dreadful projects that I started on and worked really hard for a few days, then let it sit for several months before gaining the inspiration to complete it.

So anyhow, that's our house, and yes, it is for sale. We're excited as we contemplate the future. We're presently looking for a studio gallery here in Orlando and also one in our original hometown of Chattanooga, that will allow us to serve both markets equally.


Tim Co. said...

waah...don't move...then i'll have no friends :-( lol

elisa said...

can I just have the library?? I love a library with a ladder! You guys are so creative and inspiring. We'll miss you!

Holritz Photography said...

WooHoo! Comin' to Chattanooga! :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the move! we'll pray that it goes smoothly and your home sells in just the right amount of time (i'm not sure if you're ready to go now, or you need a little time)