Image of the Week: Image 2

This week's Image of the Week was an easy selection. Today we're celebrating Graycen's first birthday. It's hard to believe that already a year has passed since she joined our life. And what a blessing she is. As you might imagine, over the past year we've taken a lot of images of Graycen. Joy took this image a couple months ago. So why did I select this one for Image of the Week?

Reason 1. Rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is one of my favorite "rules" of photography. While the natural tendancy is for people to center a subject in the middle of the frame, a good way to create more visual apeal is to position the subject in the left-hand third or right-hand third or top or bottom of the frame. If you look through our website and our blog you'll see lots subjects positioned according to the rule of thirds.

Reason 2. The second reason I like this image is because of the interesting crop. People often shoot their subjects so far back that it's hard for the viewer to pick up any of the subject detail, not to mention all of the other items in the picture may be distracting. Joy shot this image really close and cut off a portion of Graycen's head. Clearly the focus point is her eye, nose and hand. Had she shot the image with her entire head in the frame, the focus would have obviously been very different and most likely, less defined. Finally, the "negative" or "wasted space" at the right leaves no intrepretation to what she wanted the viewer to see.


Tim Co. said...

Thats always been my fav. picture of Baby G - great job Joy and Garrett :-)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to graycen!

Jim Cook said...

Wow -- not only do the pictures rock -- you are providing a photography lesson. AWESOME! Must commit to memory rule of thirds, crop, and negative space.

Holritz Photography said...

Love the rule of thirds!!!
Beautiful Baby!

Frank DiMeo said...

Happy belated birthday G-baby! Wow! You two have been parents for a whole year already. I am so happy and proud for both of you. What a year it has been. It is hard to imagine five years from now, after four more like this last one. I trust you will enjoy the ride, and look forward to watching and being a part of it.
Great shot Joy!