Introducing......"Image of the Week"

It is indeed amazing to consider how much blogs have changed communication. They effect the media, the war, politics, business, education, religion and countless other social and business establishments. I wish they'd effect gas prices. :-)

Since we started our blog last year we've enjoyed receiving messages from friends, clients and other photographers who stop in and visit on a regular basis. And obviously, if you're a regular visitor you know that we use our blog to post our most recent weddings, e-sessions, family shoots, and everything else that we're trying to keep up with.

A couple weeks ago we attended WPPI in Las Vegas. And as we toured the tradeshow it was amazing to see what digital technology has done to the business. And of course the changes continue daily. With the advent of digital technology, and the affordability of equipment, it's not uncommon for an occasional guest at a wedding to be using the same cameras as we use. Over the past year we've spent a great deal of time researching what other photographers are doing, looking at their images and discovering what it is that sets apart a good photograph from an average photograph. And we always put a big emphasis on bettering ourselves by attending workshops and seminars as often as possible.

So over the next several weeks we're going to be posting a series of entries called "Image of the Week", inspired by David Beckstead. It will be both fun and educational. Hopefully some of the photo students that we visited with at Southern will get this. We'll try to do them on the weekends, but they may be posted on Friday or possibly on Monday. Obviously, we're not getting off to a good start because here it is, Monday evening. Anyhow....

The entries will be interspersed with our other work, so it may take a minute to scroll through. We hope that you'll find this both enjoyable and educational. And of course, if you agree or disagree on a particular image, please feel free to let us know. The more feedback we receive, the more we continue to grow.


Holritz Photography said...

Love the idea!!! Post the tech info too!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea too! Anytime we get to see more of your images "it's a good thing."

Cari Dean

Davina said...

I am looking forward to your image a week. What a great idea.