Golf is a four-letter word

After two days of weddings last weekend, I spent the past two days on the golf course. Several of our friends from Tennessee came down to Orlando for a six-rounds-in-three-days golf marathon. They started on Sunday with two rounds, played another on Monday morning, then I joined them in the afternoon for the 4th round, and finished out with two rounds yesterday. The first image...well, the caption speaks for itself. The second image is of my father, finishing out on the 18th green. The final image is of my friend Tyson. He was in our wedding and we've been friends since early grade school.

In highschool golf was really a big deal for me. Since I was a kid I've enjoyed spending time on the golf course, whether it's playing with my brothers and father, or competing in tournaments. But over the past year, with becoming a father and investing lots of time on the business, golf has really taken a back seat.

Yesterday, I was struggling my way around the course and it seemed that everytime I hit what I thought was going to be a great drive, it somehow found the fairway bunker, which always makes for a challenging second shot. But I realized a parallel between golf and photography. The more you practice the better you become. In highschool I was on the golf course every day. I'd work on the course mowing or in the proshop in the morning, and in the afternoon I'd be hitting balls with my brothers. Now I'm lucky to touch my clubs 10 times/year. But hardly a day goes by when I'm not using the camera. So if I have to choose between good golf and good photographs, I guess I'd better lean toward the latter.

Each of us has a passion. What's yours?

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Jim Cook said...

My passion is looking in awe at your photographs. That and Mexican food. :-)