BIG congratulations to our clients accomplishments!

Last Tuesday, we attended our wedding clients and now great friends, Jared and Annette and Jared's sister Brittney's Grand Opening of their new Salon and MedSpa, Medalyn, in Kennesaw, GA. We are so proud and excited for them as they are doing some unique and creative projects in their area. Being entrepreneurs, there is no stopping these guys!

Reception area:

Check out the beautiful decor! I think every piece of furniture is available for purchase and has a tag that says, "Take Me Home". Awesome!!

This is the "bar" where they mix color and such in a martini glass and clients get to sit right there and experience the uniqueness of it!

Gray getting treated to Annette's creative painting ability!

The beautiful couple, Jared and Annette:

For the month of September hair services are 25% off! Please call for more info: 770.795.1515.

Their address is:
1600 Kennesaw Due West Road, Suite 103 & 104
Kennesaw, GA 30152

And another big congratulations to our wedding client and now great friend, Lauren Weisberger. Her latest best selling novel, "Chasing Harry Winston" has just been picked up by Universal Pictures to be made into a movie! Read on her blog for more info: www.laurenweisberger.com/blog.html. We are so excited for Lauren and Mike and can't wait for the movie!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how they painted the walls of the spa or if it is wallpaper? The whole place is absolutely GORGEOUS!

sticky said...

Gorgeous space, Jared and Annette! Very wonderfully done! If I visit, how much is a color and martini, without the color?

Awesome news about the movie, Lauren! I know that Regis Chen is available for the lead role!

Congratulations to all, we're SO excited!