Whitni and Aaron

What a blessing it was to have the opportunity to photograph Whitni and Aaron's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful!

Before the ceremony, the bridesmaids practiced their auditions for America's Next Top Model...

The luckiest guy in Orlando :-)

The groomsmen doing their thing...

Joy caught a great moment when Whitni was writing her vows to Aaron. After hearing her read them, you'd think she had written them out months ago!

It was a beautiful ceremony, conducted by Whitni's father, Pastor Andy McDonald.

The ceremony from a different perspective, reflected in a Christmas ornament.

Whitni and Aaron left the ceremony in a horse-draw carriage. It was beautiful. Things came undone as they got out of the carriage, so Aaron tended to business.

The reception was held at the Orlando Museum of Art, where guests enjoyed a phenominal dinner and great music.

May God continue to bless you two as you begin this exciting journey. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your special day.

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Anonymous said...

Lovin' the groomsmen shot with the flare! Nice!

- Nathan