Little Kayden

The other evening we went over to visit our good friends Jennifer and Chris and their new little boy Kayden. We hadn't had the pleasure to meet Kayden yet, so it was indeed and honor. He about 4 months old and he's an absolute pleasure to hang out with. Jennifer and Chris are proud parents, and we're so happy for them.

Jennifer and I used to work together at Florida Hosptial. As my supervisor, she was very supportive of Joy and me with our photography business, even as I went through the transition of leaving the hospital and pursuing photography full-time. We're so thankful for that.

Chris made chicken lettuce wraps that blew PF Chang's lettuce wraps out of the water! They had a little bit of kick to them, but that was good. On the way home, Joy and I were analyzing the wraps and we determined one of the things that we liked better about Chris's wraps was that he left out the water chestunt. Gross...who likes water chestnut anyhow?!?!?!? So Chris gets 5 stars for his cooking. Perhaps we could do a picture-dinner trade once a month or something. :-)

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