We're in Orlando :)

Hi guys!

We are here in Orlando for Whitni and Aaron's wedding. It was quite a reunion! And definitely one of our favorite weddings of time! BEAUTIFUL :) Whitni is the daughter of Andy and Vicki McDonald, the pastor of the Florida Hospital SDA Church, our home church here in FL. We saw lots and lots of friends we hadn't seen in ages. Wish we could have talked to everyone we knew, there were at least 400 people there, saw people we knew across the room...so it was definitely a challenge when we're taking pictures at the same time! I just want to say something to ALL the friends we were able to quickly chat and catch up with:

Nathan and Jessie:
Um...I think you guys have been in at least 4 weddings we have photographed and what a treat to see Nathan, seated one row in front of us on the flight from Chattanooga.

Crystal: My nursing buddy, it was soo wonderful to see you again, its been too long! And yes, Patrick is awesome :)

David and Amy: We miss you guys and Ana is just beautiful. We really really need to GTG one of these days!

Lori: You are too cute with your awesome haircut! Miss you girl and you have an awesome job title :)

Riley: OK, how crazy is it that you work within walking distance to our house (up for sale) AND NOW we find out that we live in the same condo community!!! AND we're on the same flight back to Chatt-town Tuesday!!! We need to eat soup soon :)

Ellie and Stanley: Congratulations to you guys! You will make awesome parents :)

Nataniel: You were 2 for 2 catching garters at weddings we have attended together...sorry the streak ended tonight, must have been the broken finger :(

Sarah: I am so glad you stopped by and said hello! You are so sweet and we need to GTG soon as well.

Greg and Trish: So glad we were able to chat for a little while and wished we could have seen Tyler. The last time we saw him was the portrait session we did ONE YEAR AGO! Wow, time flies!

Chris, Eric, and Robbie: Garrett's photography students, Garrett just turned in grades a couple of days ago and said you're all rockstars! (Chris is actually the groom's brother and best man).

Erica and Tony: Our wedding clients from last year: wish we had more chance to visit! Hope to catch up with you soon :)

Natesha and Chris: Our wedding clients for next year: Soon it'll be your turn..it will be here before you know it! Can't wait!

Pastor Jeff and Tami: So glad you came up to us, we sincerely miss going to FL church and seeing you every weekend.

Andy and Vicki: Our pastor, parents of the bride, Whitni: You guys..it was a beautiful ceremony, we both cried...I think the whole church did! It was wonderful to see you and we miss seeing you every weekend.

Whitni and Aaron: Thank you for letting us be a part of it all. It was a privilege and honor :) It was such an amazing wedding and you have wonderful families and so many people who love and care about you. What a beautiful and special day!!!

We promise to let you know when we're in Orlando (quite often) so we can hang out and we will do our best to update our blog about it as well. Miss you guys!

Here are e session pics of them which Garrett photographed in March:

Loving the warm weather, but missing our darling Gray. We have had several meetings and have been super productive with some awesome things, (that we can't wait to reveal later) and a portrait session so we'll be flying back Tuesday morning :)

Stay tuned for Whitni and Aaron's pictures!

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