What a day!

What a day! We got home from the wedding this morning at 3 am local time. And today we're going to the coast with Silje and Crispin to shoot some more. Their wedding was beautiful, but I'm still loading their images, so we'll save those for later.

On Sunday though (the wedding was on Monday), we had a great time visiting a couple small towns on the coast. Drobak was the first town we visited, and it was so beautiful and quaint.

Then we went to Frederikstad, which is on the river Glomma. It's also a quaint little village and we found a great Pizza restaurant. The pizza was outstanding, but what a surprise to discover that over here the pizza sauce comes on the side, and you spoon it onto your slice of pizza.


LaCour said...

Aw, man! I miss you guys so very much.

Hugs from across the sea,


Joshua Smith-Cinematographer said...

Wow I like these!