Norway day 3

On day 3 it rained a lot, so we spent a good portion of the time inside. Andrew arrived this afternoon and we were pretty curious about how we might meet up, without us waiting at the hotel all afternoon for him. So we emailed him a general idea of where we might be, and a couple hours later while walking down the sidewalk, we spotted him.

Here are a few mini-camera snaps from day 3.

The Parlament.

We've lived on some pretty interesting street names before, but fortunately none like this!

This statue sits in front of the Norwegian Royal Palace.

I couldn't believe we actually found a Mexican restaurant...and without even trying!!!

Andrew is sending Rachel a message to let her know that we found Mexican food and everything will be okay.

They don't have Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi over here, but they do have Coke Light and Pepsi Max. The Coke Light is pretty gross, but the Pepsi Max isn't too bad. So I've been ordering that with dinner the past few nights. Well, last night I studied the bill and realized that it 35 NOK or $6. WOW! Won't be ordering that anymore!

At the waterfront we found a great photography exhibit. There were 100 large wildlife images on display from photographer Steve Bloom. Amazing stuff!

I love what this one says.

On the way back we stopped off and had some dessert. The carrot cake was amazing!

We returned to the room about 10:30 and were thrilled to find Joy's suitcase sitting in the entrance. Alas.


Catherine said...

Really enjoying these posts! Glad to see Andrew arrived and the bag finally showed up!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

mmmmm...how much for the candy coated chocolate covered peanuts????