Freezing in San Antonio

So who would've imagined that it would be freezing in San Antonio and half of the out-bound flights would be cancelled?

For the past two days I've been in San Antonio, Texas, with thousands of other photographers for Imaging USA. GraphiStudio, our album company, asked us to come and spend time with them at their booth, talking with other photographers about their products and sharing what a successful addition they've been to our business.

Here is a collection of images from the first few days. I'll be adding additional images within the next few days.

Graphi's amazing booth makes us proud and honored to be associated with such fine products and people.

GN Photography books on display at the Graphi booth.

GraphiStudio is proud to be sponsoring the Joe Buissink and Marcus Bell 11-city tour. The tour kicks off next week and concludes in LA on Feb 14. We'll be attending the session in Atlanta. Today was my first time meeting Marcus and he's such a fun guy...his work is pretty nice too. ;-)
For more information or to register for the tour, visit the Graphi website.

Bay area photographer Peter Atherton and Graphi's Lanae.

On Sunday evening Graphi hosted a round table Q&A at the Hilton. Maureen and Michelle from Graphi showed one of our slideshows to the group that gathered, then Bob Davis from LaStoria Photo gave a wonderful presentation.

...another image from the Graphi Roundtable.

At the Graphi Roundtable, Bob and Dawn talked about photographing Oprah's great car give-away a couple years ago. They surprised Oprah with a Graphi book from the show and of course she loved it. Since then they've had the opportunity to photograph several events with Oprah.

It was exciting for Graphi to be selected as the top album of choics among readers of Studio Photography magazine in 2006.

Last time I got a picture with Joe was in Vermont after his workshop. It was late at night and he was wearing his pajamas. So we figured it would be better to get another one that was less incriminating.

The crowd gathers to watch Joe's presentation at the Canon booth.

Kevin Swan wearing a shirt that's "totally him."

Bob Davis speaking at the Canon booth.

Dawn and Bob Davis from LaStoria Foto

David Jay leads a discussion at the Pictage booth.


Anne said...

Thanks for the update!!! OMG- nice caption on the swan shirt!

Dawn Davis said...

Hey Garrett... is was so great to finally meet you! Your work is exceptional and I love your family values. Your wife and daughter are beautiful and I can't wait to meet them one day! Bob and I had a blast hanging out with you and the team from GraphiStudio! Let's see our flight was scheduled to leave Tuesday evening... and now 3 cancelled flights later, we're scheduled to leave on Friday. Total drag! We want to get home to our kids! I hope you got out okay! See you again in Vegas! ~ Dawn

LaCour said...

Praying for a quick and safe return home to Joy and Graycen! Thanks for sharing stories and photos from your visit in TX. Love the photo of you and Joe together! Awesome.
See you guys soon!