elevate seminar a success

Now that the dust has settled from our first three-day intensive seminar, we can look back and reflect on what was an exciting and fast few days.

On Sunday we had the opening reception at Curt and Stephanie's killer studio, Nu Visions in Photography. Arthur's did an awesome job with the catering! Then we went to 7-11 for Jen and Stephen's dinner...LOL!

On Monday, class began in the Presidential suite at the Lexington. We met for lunch at Central City Market, then we had the shoot-out with models at the EoInn. Everyone had a great time. We all headed over to Wildside for dinner.

Here are a few pics we did in preparation for the shoot-out.

Finally, Loren and Ryan, two of our fave clients, and also models for the shoot-out. Local knowledge made me assume that everyone would shoot in the tubs, capitalizing on the beautiful west-facing window light, white tiles, and white shower curtain soft boxes. "Use the tub, but be different," I kept saying to myself. Block out all the other light and create my own. Stretch myself and have the confidence to ask our clients to do something beyond their comfort zone to create an image that they didn't know they wanted, but upon seeing it they'd cherish forever. 10 minutes of planning, 5 minutes of shooting.

On Tuesday, the Bebbs rocked the house with a great presentation on urban shooting. Lisa Konecny delivered a fab vendor marketing presentation. We met back up with Curt and Steph and had lunch at The Globe. One more marketing presentation, then we met up with a couple models and did a bridal shoot at the Lexington, everywhere from the lobby, to the restaurant, to the suite, to the roof-top. We all headed over to Anthony's for dinner.

On Wednesday, the Bebbs kicked it off again with a great marketing presentation. Then we started the shoot-out review, which was very beneficial for everyone. So much learning takes place when we study and evaluate each other's images. Lunch was provided by the Lexington, before we wrapped up around 3.

It was such a pleasure to get to know everyone. Joy and I would like to thank you for your friendship and love. The bonds that we created together are so special and we're excited about the future for each one of you.

Finally, thanks so much to our friends Lisa Konecny, Curt Littlecott and Stephanie Rounds, Jen and Stephen Bebb, and our sponsors at GraphiStudio. It's wonderful having you all by our side.


Anne said...

Awwww!!! I spy some of my favorite people!!!!

*sniff*sniff*... wish I could have been there!!

Brandy J Rammel said...

WOW! Those images are FANTASTIC and that tub one is KILLER!! Definitely wish we could have been there :-(

Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

jason groupp said...

Awesome shots Garrett!! Glad to hear the workshop was a success! No surprise there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Garrett,

Excellent workshop, looks like a lot of fun, wish I was there. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE , the bath tube shot. Well done! ;-)

Keep on keeping on.

Bobby D.