Image of the Week: Catching up with #'s 7, 8, 9 and 10

Life has been unreasonably busy lately, but I realize that's no excuse. We've fallen behind on our Image of the Week posts. So let's get back on track.

Image of the Week #7

There are several reasons I really like this image of Loren and Ryan. First of all, it's a fun portrait in an unusual setting...an alley. Secondly, although it's a set-up shot, it has a fun feeling of spontaneity. Thirdly, it's shot from below, an angle that's not usually flattering, but it worked out well here. Fourthly, it's rule-of-thirds to the extreme. Finally, it's one of our favorite couples and they're photographed at our favorite blue wall.

Image of the Week #8

Contrary to the previous image, this is an obvious action shot, taken at Sandra and John's wedding in Dade City, Florida. I love the expresson on John's face as he's releasing the dove. Additionally, if you've ever photographed doves, they're a challenge to catch!

Image of the Week #9

This long dark stairway at Jared's house in Atlanta made a great location for a fun and dramatic shot. We had just finished shooting on the large staircase by the entrance to their home and the sunlight on that staircase made for a relatively easy shot. This one, however, was lit with a ceiling light about 8 feet away and to the right. Joy stood under the light with a 48" silver reflector and bounced the light onto Jared and Annette, creating a nice shadow on the wall and a dramatic, romantic feel.

Image of the Week #10

This is a fun detail shot that we grabbed last week at Michelle and Mark's wedding in Tennessee. And detail shots were everywhere. I've never seen such exquisite details in everything from the house to the barn to the wedding and reception itself. It was beautiful and the farm/antique theme was great! As far as the couple's rings, lately we've been trying to challenge ourselves to find fun and unique places to photograph the rings. So during the reception we found this bottle of honey that was used as part of a table centerpiece. It made for a great prop on which to photograph the rings.


Stephen Troell said...

I LOVE the image of the week #9. That is unbelievable! Very, very nice! As a photographer "newbie" and having just discovered the Nudds, I really enjoy watching your work.


Garrett Nudd Photography said...

Hi Stephen! Thanks so much for your comment :)

sticky said...

hey nudds, just wanted to let you know that I really love the "Image of the Week" portion of your blog. Keep up the exquisite work.
can't wait 'til February as well.