GN Photography featured in Central Florida Bride magazine

After 14 days of shooting on the road it was so nice to return home last Thursday. Our neighbor brought over a box of mail that looked like we'd been gone for three months! Amidst the pile we were excited to find the latest issue of Central Florida Bride. In it we have a featured wedding, Elaine and Frank Imbruglia, that took place in March at one of our favorite venues, Casa Feliz.

Like most brides, Elaine had gone to great lengths to find her perfect dress. Four days before her wedding she received a call from the dry cleaner that her dress had been ruined! The next morning she rushed to The Collection in Winter Park to see if they could help her. Unfortunately, since there stock is all sample dresses, they were all six sizes too large and most had make-up stains and other blemishes on them. They called their nearby warehouse and discovered that there was one dress available from a bride who had just called and cancelled her wedding. Elaine was so excited. When the dress arrived it was the very Reem Acra dress that she had wanted to begin with, but couldn't afford, and it was the exact size she needed. What a blessing!

We were also excited to have some of our commentary included in one of the features where wedding pros talked about and gave advice regarding the various portions of the wedding, such as themes, design, flowers, cake, and saving the best for last...photography. :-)

Also in the magazine are about 30 more of our images (4 of them are full page, like the one of our friend Jasmine included here). That was indeed an exciting surprise! Good grief, when they asked for us to give them some images, they weren't kiding! LOL.

Of course our new ad is included, and we're really pleased with how it turned out. We modeled it after the ad that Davy Knapp and I designed for the first day assignment at the Mike Colon class in February. The only difference is that the one we did for Mike, wasn very satrical and funny. He got quite a kick out of it.

As far as the magazine itself, images from the following weddings are included, so if you see your name below, run out and get a copy...
Diana and Thomas
Maureen and Colin
Nadalie and Ben
Jen and Brad
Ashley and Jeff (Tennessee)
Lilly and David
Brandi and Scott
Jasmine's seminar bridal shoot (California)
Angie and Bob (Pennsylvania)
Angie and Rob (Florida)
Summer and Ezra

We're really excited to be on board with the magazine, and they've asked us to serve on their editorial committee for the following issue. (Props to our good friend Curt Littlecott for shooting a great cover)


K.C. said...

Congratulations Nudds, you two are doing awesome work. You are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the GREAT work.

Holritz Photography said...

This looks so cool guys! I love that shot of our beautiful Jas!

I miss you both... and happy birthday to my Joy!