Andrew joins the band

Last weekend we photographed a beautiful wedding at one of our favorite venues, the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta. The bride and groom, Amy and Jason, were fantastic and we'll be posting a few of their images soon.

We were privileged to have our great friend Andrew Niesen, of LaCour, riding shotgun. Something just doesn't seem right about that statement...I should have been the one riding shotgun for him. Nevertheless, it was a great time and we, along with our clients, were fortunate to have Andrew and his mad skills there.

During the reception I got some fun shots of Andrew in action and couldn't resist posting them, especially since this week is his birthday!

Andrew "twittering" before the ceremony...

One of the singers from the band made her way onto the dance floor and Andrew never left her side. I think he was hoping she'd hand him the microphone.

Late in the evening I looked on stage and noticed Andrew making a second attempt at trying to join the band as he rubbed shoulders with the drummer.

Sorry, my friend. Better stick to karaoke. Cheers!

1 comment:

Andrew Niesen said...

Hah! Where are those pictures of you with the, you know, hair?

You have to admit, I do a pretty mean Johnny Cash :)