Lovin' the ShootSac!

Our friend Jessica from Southern California, just launched an exciting new line of photography bags. When we're out shooting, it's really challenging to carry a normal camera bag with extra lenses, batteries, CF cards, bottled water, etc. So Jessica created ShootSac, a super-cool over-the-shoulder messenger bag that holds everything a photographer could ever need, and then some!

They're even super-stylin' and come in a variety of colors, which is no surprise to anyone who is familiar with Jessica and her work.

We were thrilled that Joy's shootsac arrived on Friday, just in time for Hannah and David's wedding this weekend. Check out these shots I snagged.

Joy, sporting her new shootsac while crouching for a low shot down the aisle.

You're never too young for functional fashion. Graycen practices shooting in Grandpa and Grandma's back yard.

There's nothing like getting a little energy boost with a shoot snack. We discovered that the shootsac is also great for carrying shoot snacks.

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Unknown said...

i love this! graycen is too cute for words, only your pictures could do her justice!